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...Whatever that means
"Single 2009-2023"

Along with the new ...Whatever That Means single "Winding Roads, and previously unreleased live tracks from the WTM 10th anniversary show in 2019, this is a collection of songs from EPs, singles, split 7-inches, and other compilations released by WTM from 2009-2023

All songs have been remastered and the tracks from the WTM/Burn Burn Burn split 7-inch and "Asian Prodigy" cover have been complete remixed.

A limited number of physical CDs (which include 3 extra bonus tracks) are available while supplies last.

Released: April 14, 2023

Jeff (Guitar/Vocals), Trash (Bass/Vocals), Bialy (Lead Guitar)

All songs Arranged and Performed by ...Whatever That Means

Tracks 7-9 and 11 Remixed by Jeff Moses at Binary Studios in 2023

Tracks 7-19 Remastered by Jeff Moses at Binary Studios in 2023


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